Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Shower!

Addie and Aileen threw me an absolutely breathtaking shower, so I've got to post some pics of all the beautiful things they did. This was the entry with the baby banner that Aileen made with chipboard and a cricut and some pcLayers paper. And of course Martha's glitter.
Love the little shoes in the apothecary jar; such a cute idea.
The table had a beautiful raspberry hemstitched tablecloth, with a very lush looking flower arrangement in the center. Ali made some super yummy mini cupcakes with pink strawberry frosting, we'll have to get the recipe for that from her and post it cause it was too good not to. And I don't even like frosting, but I liked this kind.Then there was a lovely fruit salad, cute silverware, and really good chicken salad on croissants (I need that recipe too Addie!). It was great; I love croissants and these were big giant pretty ones - that I think I neglected to get a pic of. Oh wait; they're a couple pics up.Some of the gals eating and the impressive rows of pretty glasses all lined up.

We played Project Runway baby as a shower game. Everyone was divided up into teams, and then given a bag of trim and fabric, tape, scissors, etc. My friends are a crafty group, so they dove right in. It helped that we had quite a few experienced sewers (and tapers) in each set. And basically you dress up the baby and make a cute outfit in about 15 minutes.
My mom must be a regular reader. Check out that tutu! I must admit that they came up with some very cute and creative outfits. Check out the ribbon flip flops too. Here are some action shots of the competitive teams:
Aileen looks ready to do something drastic to that poor dolly.
Sorry about all the candid shots; everyone was concentrating so much on the project I didn't want to interrupt. My favorite shot has to be the one of Melissa (middle right) putting on her concentration face for the camera.
And last but not least a photo with the two cute hostesses, Addie and Aileen. Thanks so much for all the work you put into the wonderful shower! I know everyone had a great time!


Aileen said...

I love how you did the layout of this. It looks so posh. Did I ever tell you that you are creative? I'm glad we had the shower for you, it was really fun.

Sarah S said...

What a fabulous shower!! I love all of the fun details. I hope you got some fun stuff!

Ashley said...

Looks wonderful and sounds so fun. I wish I could have made an appearance. My husband had to work some, my kids have been and still are sick and we also had a double date planned early that evening where we had finally set up my husband's sister. The weekend was all a bit crazy. I loved the invite and knew the party would be amazing. Looks like it was! Congratulations!

Ashley said...

Do you use a Mac? How do you do your cute blog photo collages? Is there a program to download? I saw a program for PCs, but not Macs.

jenallyson said...

awe looks like an awesome shower! seriously the cutest one I've ever seen. I don't know these ladies, but when I have a baby I'm going to pay them to throw my shower ;)

Natalie M said...

The photo collages are just done in photoshop. I just put the pics together and added the white lines. I'm thinking I should make some templates to post as a freebie for my scrapbook blog though. They'd be really useful for blogging!

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