Thursday, January 29, 2009

CHA fun-ness, and meeting Vanna White!

Cricut and I compared our bellies (mine was 34 weeks in this photo) in the Provo Craft booth. He's still got a couple weeks on me, but he looks more dazed and confused.Not to be outdone, Cuttle Bug wanted his (her?) pic as well. We didn't catch him at the most opportune moment.
The pcLayers girls! Yay! So fun to get to see them at the show, and do lunch. We had a blast. This picture is us pretending to be composed, but we're really a lot more fun than that (see completely non posed 100% candid photo below):
We have: Me! Kayla Lamoreaux, Aly Dosdall, Celeste Rockwood-Jones, Christine Ricks, (front row:) Rachel Carlson and Lori Gardner.

And ::drumroll please::, last but not least, my photo op with Vanna White! Wohoo. The scary manager guy was a little over protective, but thankfully I somehow was given a badge that said I was a distributor for Provo Craft (instead of an exhibitor) so I told him we needed a pic for the blog, and he grudgingly let me get one. I now feel famous by association. Thanks Kayla for the wonderful photo!
My big debut on a very large poster. Apparently now I have all the right tools. But they forgot to ever give me a machine..... False advertising!And all done at the show, and taking off for some shopping and hanging out with Lori and David. And of course a trip to paper-source. My very pregnant feet were very tired by this point. Two days of Disney and two days of tradeshow walking made them on the verge of mutiny.


Becky said...

You look great next to Vanna, you are both so beautiful!
It was fun to catch up with the PC Layers chicas, thanks for letting me crash!
Hope you are feeling well and that princess is giving you some space to breathe!

Ashley said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Sounds like they better give you all the tools you need and make that advertisement true.

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