Friday, April 1, 2011

Mama bird

I'm pretty sure my nesting has quickly evolved into borderline late onset OCD.  I've reorganized the pantry there times this week.  Including labels.  And all the drawers in the kitchen.  Baby's closet.  Playroom.  Laundry room.  My office.  Mom's office.  Our closet and the linen closet are next.  I should take before pics since I always forget. 

Then I got this in an email today and thought it was appropriate:
Signs that your nesting instinct's out of control
• You find yourself reorganizing store shelves.
• You can't let your husband into the house without a good lint brushing.
• Your yard is so clean, you've moved on to the neighbors'.

 And yes, I now have an entire plastic storage box dedicated just to "sprinkles."  Love it.  It's not a small one either.


Jeff and Mallory said...

Love it! Wheredid you get those green totes in your pantry? I have been looking for some...

natalie malan said...

They are from the Martha Stewart line from Home Depot. :)

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