Sunday, March 27, 2011

More {yummy} birthday celebrations around our place.

We had a delicious cake tonight with some family, to celebrate my upcoming birthday, and I just wanted to post a link to my scrapbook blog where you can get a free desktop to download.
The cake?  A double chocolate chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting from these guys, that I decorated myself.  Silk flower?  check.  Mini birthday pennants?  check.  Fun kids to help blow out the candles over and over again?  check, double check, and quadruple check.
 Penny kept trying to stick her finger in the frosting (she thinks that's what the holes in cakes are from when you take out the candles), and when I said she wasn't allowed to do that, she tried to lick it instead.


Leah said...

oh never cease to amaze me! this is BEAUTIFUL! you are sooo creative! love, love, love everything about this...the little mini-garland is divine! i'm sure it tasted just as amazing as it looks! Happy Birthday!!! <3

Jen Allyson said...

oh my goodness! Penny is getting so so big! I love the cake though, how adorable! I didn't get a birthday cake this year because of all the baby hoopla, but that just means I get two next year!

A+M said...

all the cousins are getting so big!!!!!! Happy birthday.

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