Sunday, May 2, 2010

the cold shoulder

Someone has re-discovered the bathroom tub faucet. And especially loves turning on the hot water while I'm in the shower. Good thing we turned the hot water heater waaaay down already or that little hand would be bright red.


Sarah S said...

funny!!! I love this age - she's just so curious about her world, right? :) And anything water-related is extra fun.

Beth said...

I have to have Joseph in quiet time in his crib when I shower because he does the same thing. My whole shower would be me trying to tell a not even two year old turn off the water. He loves to wash his hands too. After meals we tell him to go wash his hands and he will be in there for a few minutes playing in the water, but at least his hands get rinsed. Water is too much fun!!
BTW- My word verification is "pregota". Yea, that fits. :)

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