Saturday, March 28, 2009

Barbie came to visit!

Yay for Barbie! She looked so glamorous in her billowy gown. And her tan was, of course, perfection. Aileen, you rock, what more can I say?!
And thank you to Karrie and Stacie for coming by to visit! And Karrie for the awesome breakfast. It was thoroughly enjoyed. David and I are both super excited about the food processor from mom and dad (for salsa making). Can't wait to try it out! And the pineapple upside down cake was delicious. And thank you Malans for your fun birthday package!


*~*a.l.s*~* said...

you look AMAZING, Natalie! :) Happy belated!

Beth said...

I'm sorry I missed it! You look awesome and I can't wait to meet Penny! Unfortunately, everyone is now sick... BLAH!! I can't wait for sick season to be OVER!!! Here's to another awesome year!

jenallyson said...

Happy birthday again! Where are the cupcakes from?

Natalie M said...

dear lizzie! it was super good too!

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