Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ping Pong Championships

We have a fun bunch of CEOs, CFOs, COOs, etc at my work and last Thursday the gloves came off and a challenge was issued from Senior Staff to the Warehouse. If Senior Staff was beaten in Ping Pong, we'd all get Monday off as paid vacation (Presidents Day; not a holiday for us). I always appreciate their effort to be creative and entertainers at the same time.

Excerpt from an "official" email from our CEO:

"The fate of a paid day off (which costs tens of thousands of dollars) can't be left to a ping pong least if Dave and Brad are holding the paddles. They MIGHT be allowed to start the game but I will be there (with my professional grade paddle) to jump in if it gets out of hand.

Warehouse Team: As Dave said, bring your "A" game."

The Senior Staff team of Dave and Brad even dressed up:

Round One Senior staff:

Round Two:

Round Three:

The warehouse team was more conservative and concentrated in their approach:
The company even provided free lunch after the game.

And here's a really hot pregnant photographer ignoring rules from that morning's safety meeting and putting our safety buck record in jeopardy by carelessly standing on a table:
(36 weeks belly picture)

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