Thursday, February 19, 2009

My new office.

Looks pretty cozy right?! Not nearly as exciting as the pics below of the major Ping Pong championship that won us the day off on Monday. I'm on bed rest again for the rest of my pregnancy. Apparently seeing spots is not something they take lightly over at labor and delivery. Good thing there are only 22 days left till my due date. I'd be counting the hours too if they included times with their dates or I was having a scheduled induction or c-section.

The best part? I have a Dr. note that says I can't cook. Who knew?!? Not that I have been anyway (thank you Dave for all the meals the past 8 months), so I guess it's nothing new. But I have an actual, official note that says I can't eat anything unless it's been "prepared for me." Talk about high maintenance.


Sarah S said...

Oh Natalie!! Bed rest does not sound super fun. I'm glad you're almost to the end so hopefully it won't feel too long. We should talk sometime soon!

Fechser Family said...

Ok we have some major catching up to do! Call me since it sounds like you might actually have some time to chat.

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