Saturday, December 6, 2008

Best Hubby Ever

What a Friday night.

Last night I was teaching my class, and a poor Kayla (not the Kayla from the previous post) cut the tip of her finger off with her scalpel. Sad! I took her to urgent care (closed of course), so her husband met up with us and took her to another urgent care where they gave her some shots etc. I'll spare you the gory details. But it was an interesting night at class. And I am truly proud to say that I did not pass out. I even got out the first aid kit and thought about putting the latex gloves on and breaking out the gauze etc, but decided that sitting next to her and telling her (and me) to breathe was a better idea.

When I got home I opened the garage and could see that someone had parked their car backwards and at an angle across the whole garage. It took a few minutes to let it all sink in, and then I could see David peeking out behind the garage door and a big burgundy bow up on top of the car. Santa came early this year; and must have gotten a much larger sleigh. He never did manage to bring the waterbed I asked for in first grade.

Thank you David, you did a great job! xox.


Shar said...

wow! what an awesome surprise (the car, not the cut). that is so cool. and perfect for hauling kids around. maybe I should be asking santa for that too. :)

Hillary said...

wow! great job David! It's very cute!

celester said...

holy cow! david totally wins the incredibly perfect husband prize!! gorgeous car, i love it. can totally picture you and peanut enjoying the luxury.

and i hope kayla's finger recovers. she's officially initiated into bookbinding! (don't we all have a serious xacto incident at some point?!) sounds like you were a great nurse.

Sarah S said...

What a cute car!! Congrats on a great Christmas gift :)

(And scary about the finger - that's not fun)

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