Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Feeling Domestic

I decided on a crib set! yay! I went for the most popular option from the vote on the family blog since I wanted to make something really custom. Although the vote was really close with the birdie set. And did I also forget to mention that I have a brand new sewing machine I was dying to use?! Might have forgotten that part in the voting post. Didn't want to sway the vote.

Anyway, my local fabric store carries Heather Bailey's Pop Garden line in (mostly) Sugar Mallow, so I already picked up a few things, and started on the bumper and crib skirt. The skirt is all done, and the bumper is all cut out and waiting to be sewn. I just need some matching blankets pillows etc now.

And lately I've been feeling like this little guy; with a sore toe (I won't give you all the gory details), an iron burned arm (there are some hazards to all that sewing), and some bursting cysts. Yea for me. But on the good side I do get another u/s on thursday to check on Peanut which will be fun.


Hillary said...

looking good!

Ali said...

Cute! I'm so excited to see it!

Becky said...

Super cute!!!
bummer about the other various injuries and discomforts you have been experiencing!

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