Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time for the important questions

So, I'm trying to figure out what I like for the baby's room. And I figured somebody could probably tell me, so I'm setting up another poll on the sidebar for you to vote. Here are the options:

A. Birdie Set

B. Heather Bailey Pop Garden & Bijoux (would be custom made by me)

C. Stripe and Toile set

And here's a couple pictures of the room as it looks right now with the pistachio green paint just for reference (it looks almost exactly like the paint in option "B" above - it's kind of grayed out in the pictures here) - oh and that's the baby sling (hanging on the side of the crib) that I made from some cute Amy Butler fabric:


Sarah said...

I just had to say, I absolutely love the chandelier! Where did you find it?

Natalie M said...

aw Thanks! I love it too. It's a black one from Lowe's and I painted it blue (after I took all the crystals off). I love it in black as well, but there's something fresh and fun about the blue. And it was the least expensive one I could find, so it was a deal for me. :)

ashley said...

hey, natalie! i found your blog on facebook and have loved reading your updates! reece has the pottery barn kids penelope bedding listed as option A. i used the bumper and rug from the store and then picked out coordinating fabrics for the window treatments, chair and bed skirt. anyways, just thought i'd say that we have similar taste! i can send you a picture of what reece's room looks like--her walls are also pistachio.

Jenyx26 said...

I vote for A! So Cute!

Becky said...

I like them all, but A is probably what I would choose!
How exciting!

Ashley said...

Natalie, you have such a great sense of style. I wish you could decorate my home. I voted for "b" because I love those fabrics and I'm sure you could pull of something adorably cute.

Bonny Smith said...

i'll show you how to crochet a blanket if you want to make her something like that!

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