Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's a....

And she already loves to accessorize. Yay! And a girl means a lot less painting to do in the nursery. :) David was right with his 100% guarantee.

We went to a clinic north of our house for the u/s, this time because Karrie told me they had plasma screen tvs to watch your u/s on, and gave you a free DVD and also a bunch of pics. They were great! The place I have been going to has the monitors on the fritz, so everyone can see (on the tech's screen) but me! No fair!

I had originally booked an appt in the bad screen place, then found the new place had an appt at the same time, same day, so I opted for the better place closer to David's work. The crappy place then called three times to tell me my doc said I wasn't allowed to go "all the way" to the better place (which is actually closer to my house). I called my doc, and he said that was not true.

So, I showed up for my appt and heard the phone ring, and it was the crappy u/s place calling the nice u/s place to see if I was there and tell them I wasn't allowed to be there!

I assured the receptionist that "crappy u/s place" was lying, and that it was all just fine with my doc.

The new place is great! I owe Karrie for suggesting it. I'll post the DVD as soon as I figure out how to convert the file format. It's a little boring since I didn't drink any OJ or eat any sugar beforehand (didn't want her moving around too much so we could find out all the "details").

And I've been told I'm not "allowed" to post the "evidence" that's she's a girl. If you want to see those pics you'll have to come for a visit. "Somebody" is a protective papa already...


Hillary said...

yea!!! Congrats!!! Do you have any names picked out yet?

Bonny Smith said...

you need to pick out a hat, booties and the size! and let me know when you're having your baby shower because i want to see your house and give you baby stuff.


Becky said...

Oh my goodness!!!
So exciting, congrats!!!
Love her accessories!

Shalantie said...

Oh how fun! Congrats, you guys- that is so exciting. She's gonna be a beauty :)

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