Monday, September 29, 2008


I got to go to the ER on Friday to get checked out for appendicitis or kidney infection, etc. I had pain on my right side (where they have said the last five months that I should be in pain from my cysts - and to go to the ER right away if I felt anything), so I went it. They gave me an IV, for dehydration, did another ultrasound to check on Peanut - who was dancing away - checked my blood etc. Baby was too wiggly for them to see what is was, but the ultrasound tech may have given me a clue. Ok, she flat out gave me a huge clue. But I'm not telling. Be sure to cast your vote on the sidebar on the blog before the big day!

Dave is convinced "100 percent" that it's a girl. He gave me his own personal guarantee. Too bad he wasn't at the ER to hear the clue they gave me. Guess we'll see who's right. I voted boy last Monday.


Shalantie said...

How fun! so you think you know for sure the gender of the baby? That's so exciting :) Well in answer to your question, I have a picture account with picasa- you can make a collage of pic's on picasa and then just upload it onto your blog. simple :)

Anonymous said...

the ER! oh my goodness you poor girl, that's got to be stressful. i'm glad everything is okay now.

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