Monday, September 22, 2008

In case you wanted to see the real thing...

And not just the photo below from the JCP catalog. Here's a slightly blurry pic of the un assembled crib, and equally blurry pic of the dresser. They're hanging out in the basement right now, waiting for me to swap all the furniture in my office (soon to be baby room) to the new office (formerly guest room). It will be a lot of heavy lifting.

Oh?! You wanted to see pics of the baby? The star of the show? I guess I should post those too! I'm hoping you are an expert ultrasound reader, cause these were even hard for me. Peanut decided to hang out on his/her belly. Oh, and have I mentioned Peanut has 6 toes? Or so Dave likes to think.....and also point out to all the neighbors and friends. Next time I'll try to take a video; it was so much easier to see moving. In fact Peanut was moving around tons thanks to all the OJ I drank (good internet tip) right before. It was awesome to see little froggy legs kicking all around, especially since I still can't feel anything yet. (click on the images to see larger)

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Shalantie said...

Hey Natalie! I'm so glad we are finally blogging buddies. You and I have the same thought process because I've always wanted trees to be in my babies room. (when we get around to having one) But I think your baby room ideas are darling. I cant wait to see it put together! And how sweet your ultrasound pics are! Very cute. Take some pictures of you, I really love seeing the progress of the belly. Anyhow- I'm glad you wrote on our blog- it was a treat:)

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