Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little bit of Heaven

We went on a Western Caribbean Disney cruise back in April. And someone is on my case about not posting any photos from it yet. These photos are a few of his favorites from the trip. Expect to see some of mine in a future post. The photo above is of the "Disney Island." It was beautiful, and even convinced me to snorkel for a couple of minutes despite my nagging fear of open water. Penny approved of the imported sand. She ate it like candy.
Dinner at Lumiere's. I loved the dining. They wait on you hand and foot, and cut up the kid's food. It was wonderful. They brought the little lady whatever she wanted every night. I think she had a secret crush on Igor, our waiter. Understandable.
We got a day trip to Nassau due to weather (we were supposed to go to Grand Cayman, but I suppose that will have to be a different trip), so we checked out Atlantis. Which was just fine by me because I've always wanted to go there. We went through the straw market on Nassau and the cute little old ladies talked dh into buying a straw hello kitty purse for his little girl who they swore looked just like him. She loved all the cooing from everyone.

Don't you love her braid?!? I was totally unconvinced at first. Thanks uncle J for talking me into getting it done, oh and footing the bill. When we were in Cozumel dh and my dear sis in law both had food poisoning so Uncle J and I took the three little girlies to get braids. They were adorable.Since we have free passes to Disney anytime, we took a stop at Disney World the day before the cruise. I had a blast actually getting to ride the rides since last time we came I was prego with Penny and had the luxury of standing in line for all of them, and then was spared the chore of actually having to ride any of them. Long live expedition Everest.


Becky said...

Love all the pics, sounds like a wonderful trip!!!


Erin said...

I especially love that first picture. She's such a doll! And your trip looks like it was so great. Can't wait to meet up on the next one.

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