Monday, March 29, 2010

pink piggies

This is how we celebrated my birthday. First there were mother daughter pedicures. It was Penny's first one ever. That's the scowl that you might be privileged to see if she likes you enough to try it out on you. It's quickly followed by giggles and smiles if you know to promptly return the look.

Cutest little piggies ever. The secret? Baby Einstein on You Tube.
I should also post the photos of the Easter egg hunt we had with the cousins - someday. They loved it! Penny thought it was pretty funny, but wasn't super fond of the grass. Or the wind.
Lots and lots of candles. But not quite enough. And I wasn't about to run to the store and get more. "23" is a good age right? Who knew being older than a standard 24 pack of candles would be so troublesome.

PS sorry for all the post dating going on around here. I like things in fairly chronological order so I can remember how old Penny was in the photos!


Aileen said...

I love that scowl! She's given me that look a couple times. How cute.

Francis said...

omg!! that is so cute! Your little one is adorable!

Amy Cournoyea said...

So cute! Do you have to use certain nail polish?

Tonia Conger said...

oh YUM!!

Natalie said...

Amy - I don't think so(?). I just used mine.... The pediatrician didn't say anything about it so I assume it's ok. I have a couple of friends who have done their little girls' toes too.

Leah said...

oh my goodness! how cute is this?!?! i love it! i've thought about doing kaydence's toes, but she is so ticklish (i can barely clip her toe nails) so i wasn't sure how nail polish would go. i didn't think of putting her in the highchair to do it -- great idea! maybe i'll try it one of these days. :-)

i love penny's scowl face...sooo cute!

Allison said...

Too cute. You have a beautiful family. Happy late birthday as well. :) And, I don't like buying more than one package of candles either. We can count by twos!

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