Monday, September 21, 2009

any testers?

So....... my sil was interested in getting this pattern, and I wanted to make a template, so I drew this up really fast. If you'd like to try and make one to test it out before I post it to my scrapbook blog, I'd appreciate it. Leave a comment with your address "yourname(at)blah(dot)com" if you'd like me to email you the full res file!


Erin said...

I would love to get the file. I want to make one for my daughter's first b-day, halloween, get the picture. Once I make it I promise to send you some pics. Thanks so much in advance.
e-mail: emstone28(at)gmail(dot)com

Leah said...

hi natalie...i've been missing your posts. but you are always so busy, i can't blame you for not posting. i'm always amazed by what you seem to find time to do. :-)

anyway, our babies will be turning 1 soon...can you believe it?!?! time flies. i was wondering if you could send me this full file of the garland template. if not, i can just try and improvise, but i wondered if you still had it. i would like to make a few for kaydence's birthday party. and when i say "make," i mean *attempt* to make. ;-) hope you're doing well and hope to see some current pictures of that little cutie one of these days. :-)

thanks! leah

Leah said...

oops...i guess it would help if i left my email address. :-)

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