Saturday, March 14, 2009


David is teaching Penny the nuances of listening to the Jazz game while playing solitaire on an ipod, so I'm taking a quick second to post! Thanks for all the comments and emails! I've found the suggestions and things to be invaluable, and am still trying to get caught up reading them all (it's been really fun; thanks for all the well wishes!).

Change of plans as far as what to bring her home in. I decided she needed a hat in case it was cold. And a huge flower in case we came across some kind of ritzy English tea party on the way. Gotta be prepared.
She now weighs 6lbs. 2 oz and I still don't know how tall she is. Somewhere between 18 and 20.3 inches.

We have settled on a name! Unless we decide to change it by the 19th), she will be Penelope Jane, but mostly known as "Penny."
The C section was great. I was terrified about the spinal block, but it hurt less than the IV, and I'm now a huge fan. My arms are unstrapped in the photo above since I got air trapped in my right shoulder (totally normal) and was trying to rub it out - they made me promise not to grab anyone before unstrapping me. In this photo, I FINALLY got a chance to see my baby for 30 seconds in the nurse's arms before she was gone to get all prettied up. David was bringing me over the camera cause I hadn't seen her yet, and thought a digi pic was better than waiting any longer to see.

Welcome to the other side of the curtain:

And David would like me to post one of what she "really" looks like every day as well:
Hi Baby.


Shar said...

I had to come look at your blog b/c I have been so excited to hear what her name is! And it is as adorable as she is!

So I love that you posted the c-section video. That is always so fascinating to watch! I am amazed at what our bodies go through for having babies, and what they can recover from. I hope you're starting to feel better. Please let me know what we can do to help out. :)

Beth said...

AWESOME!! That flower ... HUGE!! It's a big as her head! :) Very cute though. Penelope Jane; sounds like she came out of a Jane Austin book. She's going to be so prim and proper! Adorable! You guys have one beautiful baby! I never cried when I watched births until I had my own. Now I cry watching them all. Such a miracle! It's amazing what we (willingly) put ourselves through to bring children into the world...

Let me know when I can bring dinner over (if you want).


Hillary said...

Poor Penny! That flower is as big as her head! I guess it could act as a cushioning device in case large objects come flying at her head?!? J/K - she is beautiful! She doesn't even have the "i'm new to earth" alien look that most babies have at first! :) David did a great job on the c-section video, she will love to watch that when she gets older. Can you imagine what it's like to see yourself being born?

*~*a.l.s*~* said...

I love her name! so sweet! She is so sweet, too! Very fitting name. I love how the doctor said, "Yup, there's the buttocks." Hilarious!

Congratulations Natalie!

the murdocks said...

AWE! That brought back all sorts of emotions :) cool. Thanks for sharing the vid...what a precious moment! Thanks for letting us barge in the other night, it was so great to you guys and your sweet penny. You all seem well.

p.s. I can't stop thinking about those two rooms in your house. GORGE.

Sarah S said...

That's cool that you have a video of the c-section! I'm glad you had such a calm, positive experience! (mine felt very rushed since Eli was having fetal distress)

I think Penny is absolutely beautiful! And your pictures are terrific.

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