Thursday, March 19, 2009

Great Grandmothers are the best

Great Grand M came to visit and helped me give Penny her first bath. And held her lots and lots so I could eat breakfast and do a load of laundry and even take a nap. We even got one hand of claws clipped today. And that's about it.
She looks soo angelic and sweet in this photo, but as I was taking it, I heard dripping and little splashing sounds, and noticed a puddle forming on the floor. Good thing your Great Grand Mother really loves you little baby; it's not everyone that will let you pee on their lap and still think you're cute.


Beth said...

She is so beautiful!! And you look awesome! I'm sure you're in your normal pants and looking so hot and stuff... :) Can't wait to see her!

jenallyson said...

she is soooo teeny! you have to come to my bridal shower and bring her with you! I'm sad I couldn't stop by this weekend, she's so beautiful and so are you!

xoxo Jen

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