Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just finished the Jim Thornton Provo Craft Spanish Fork Tifie Organization children in Congo need new school desks Awareness Fun Run Race for the Cure

Whew. We got in 3.5 miles in our time limit (7 laps). That means Jessie and I raised $70. I also put Peanut down for 7 laps. Fun times. Jess and I took a lot of pictures to pass the time. Oh, and we cheered and high fived all the other people too. Just for moral support. It was a tough job, but hey, somebody had to do it.
{Us being super cheerful on Lap #3}
{Around the back of the warehouse on lap 7; I was following behind to protect everyone from muggers and such - plus we got tired of lapping people}

Then we were rewarded for all our hard work cheering and running with Brats and Hamburgers. And while we were in line (hey what happened to ladies first?) Jess decided that I need a 17 week belly pic. It was looking kind of weak in this photo, so I ate two huge brats to try to compensate for next time. Maybe 18 weeks will show more progress.

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Anonymous said...

i wish my baby bump had been so nonexistent at 17 weeks, you look fantastic! but it'll be so cute when you start to show, i'm excited.

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