Tuesday, September 9, 2008

When is Halloween?

Cause I'm pretty sure it must be any day now! Dave looked at the blog header and said, it looks good, but kind of like Halloween..... Yep. That was my evil plan. I can't wait for some reason, and I'm really looking forward to passing out candy in our new neighborhood. And drinking gallons of apple cider. And making hot chocolate. And using the crockpot that Grand Mildred gave me to make some delicious fall soups.

If you have a Barnes and Noble nearby, be sure to check out the Weekly Standard; Dave just had an illustration published in the Sept 1, 2008 issue on page 8, "Keynote Kalamities." Kim sent us a copy of the magazine (we coudln't find it locally), so I'll have to take a photo to post here someday.

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Alisa Haggard said...

Nat -
Your blog design is lovely. I'm looking forward to Halloween too. There's just something fun about this time of year.

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